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Nicholas Strange

Nicholas Strange (2012)

Graduate Student


B.A. (Chemistry), B.S. (Forensic Chemistry), Purdue, 2011


I grew up in Indiana and received bachelor's degrees in chemistry and forensic chemistry from Purdue University. After graduating, I was a research assistant under John Goodpaster at IUPUI for a year working with research pertaining to the characterization of conventional explosives and pseudo-scents for training explosive detecting canines. I began working towards a Ph.D. in physical chemistry at UT in the Fall semester of 2012. In my spare time, I enjoy camping in the Smoky Mountains with my wife and dog.


My interests in the combination of chemistry, physics, and mathematics led me to the work of Professor Larese's research group. My scientific interests include the thermodynamics and statistical mechanics of physisorbed systems, kinetic theory of gases/liquids, and the application of neutron and x-ray scattering to solve problems in materials science (atomic scattering theory).

Nicholas Strange

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