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Zachary Stroupe

Zachary Stroupe (2016)

Graduate Student


B.S. (Chemistry), University of Tennessee, 2015


My name is Zachary Stroupe and I grew up in the city of Franklin, right outside of Nashville. I spent four years at the University of Tennessee as an undergraduate to get a bachelor of science degree in chemistry. After graduating I spent a year in the Larese group using Atomic Force Microscopy to image various surfaces and investigate Anodic Alumina Oxide. Now I am continuing my research in studying materials that have interesting surface properties.


My interests in physical chemistry lie with phenomena that occur on the nanoscopic scale and can be functionalized. I have always been interested in grasping concepts beyond their fundamental understandings, and I feel that with material science this drive is necessary. Over the course of my graduate career I plan to spend some time with highly selective complexes, which may in turn allow for the production of accurate and affordable detectors.

Zachary Stroupe

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